Welcome To Reaction Technology Epi (RTE)

RTE provides high-quality silicon epi solutions for demanding applications in Allen, Texas. We manufacture epitaxial wafers and offer epitaxial deposition services for commercial as well as for government and academic use. RTE provides products and services to customers around the world including US and Global Fortune 500 companies.

Why Choose RTE?

Highly customized epi processes available.

Extremely uniform and pure layers.

  • Easy-to-control and stable process runs.
  • Narrow distribution of electrical properties.
  • Excellent thickness and resistivity uniformity.

Understanding of the substrate process and its effects on the epi process.

  • Especially high quality in critical wafer process steps.
  • Ensured stability for semiconductor process.

Understanding the needs of MEMS processes.

EPI service.

  • Effective logistics.
  • Quick response.
  • Dedicated partnership.

Epi layer advantages.

  • Doping level and conductivity type of epitaxial layer is controlled independently of the substrate.
  • Resistivity and thickness can be controlled very accurately, and multi-layer structures are possible.
  • Chemically purer than the substrate → e.g. sensitive detector solutions.
  • No OISF which benefits CMOS and bipolar device technology.
  • Very high dopant levels available, e.g. BGe epi at 0.0006 Ohm-cm.
  • Constant doping profile across the wafer.